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About me

I'm Zelda Steyn, a Namibian freelancer driven by a passion to exceed my clients' expectations through exceptional creative design solutions. With over 15 years in the design field, I bring a diverse background encompassing Print, Digital Design, Brand Development, and Marketing.

My journey began with a Diploma in Marketing & Public Relations in 2007, sparking my interest in the creative and graphic design realm. Post-studies, I delved into graphic design, leveraging my marketing background to merge theoretical knowledge with practical strategies. Starting in the print industry, I evolved into digital media, joining Intouch Interactive Marketing—an industry leader in Namibia.

At Intouch, I immersed myself in the media landscape, learning photography, virtual photography, and collaborating with animators, developers, and fellow creatives. This experience expanded my horizons, allowing me to design websites, mobile apps, software interfaces, and more.

My mission is to dream, inspire, design, and create exceptional brands, marketing strategies, and tools. I aspire to empower entrepreneurial creatives, fostering their success in the dynamic world of design and marketing.

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