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I am Zelda Steyn, a freelancer in Namibia with a passion to express and fulfill my clients' highest expectations with outstanding creative design solutions.  I have been crafting my design career for over 15 years.  I boast a diverse background with experience in Print, Digital Design, Brand Development, and Marketing.


From conceptualizing a new brand to strategizing marketing campaigns, and developing digital solutions, I have the experience to take your ideas to the next level!


Acquiring a Diploma in Marketing & Public Relations in 2007, sparked my interest in the media industry and specifically the creative industry and graphic design.  


After my studies, I embarked on a new journey in acquiring a skillset to express my creativity as a graphic designer.  My Marketing & PR background complimented this career choice by giving me the theoretical knowledge to combine the work I create with practical marketing strategies.  I started out in the print industry, and as my capabilities grew, I transitioned to digital media, when I started to work for Intouch Interactive Marketing, a leading company providing digital solutions in Namibia.  At Intouch, I enjoyed maximum exposure in the media industry, learning photography, virtual photography, working with animators, developers and other creatives.  I was introduced to a new world and designed websites, mobile apps, software interfaces, etc.  


My mission is to dream, inspire, design, and create exceptional brands, marketing strategies, and marketing tools whilst empowering entrepreneurial creative individuals to become successful.    

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